Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Trained staffs are always present and available 24 hours a day.

It varies based on census, and our client’s desires and preferences. Single rooms can be arranged, but most are semi-private. No bedroom sleeps more than two guests.

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we take great care in providing excellent, highly nutritious, gourmet meals that meet the very highest standards. We also carefully design special diets when necessary, each meal always prepared with the most organic ingredients available.

While we utilize group therapy as a very effective methodology, individual, one-on-one treatment accounts for by far the majority of counseling provided. The exact number of counseling hours, again, depends upon our assessment of each particular case.

Our professional admissions staff will work closely with your current therapeutic team (if one is in place), or with your family, or with the individual client him- or herself to best determine our resource capabilities for each particular case. We have found that even the most challenging cases can be accommodated and successfully treated at JOURNEY MALIBU.

Our facility accommodates six, and for every client, there are between 2 and 3 JOURNEY MALIBU associates available to assist their needs. We purposely keep our number of clients to a minimum in order to create an intimate, healing environment, where very serious work can be done in a beautiful and transformative location. We are capable of accommodating a wide age range of clients, but carefully screen those on the younger end of the spectrum to make sure they will not be disruptive, and can abide by our rules and policies while in residence.

JOURNEY MALIBU’s primary residential treatment facility is located in the verdant, Mediterranean hills of Malibu, California, in a beautiful Tuscan home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Facility tours are available on request.

JOURNEY MALIBU is a residential, as well as a substance abuse treatment center, licensed by the State of California. Our internationally recognized staff of clinical professionals are experienced – and licensed — in all areas of addiction.

Absolutely. Friends and family are not only allowed to visit during treatment, they are encouraged to do so. One common element of all our treatment programs at JOURNEY MALIBU is our emphasis on family involvement in our clients’ recovery.

JOURNEY MALIBU offers primary care for adults 18 and over who suffer from a variety of afflictions, such as drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders.  Our program is residential – participants live at our facility where they will receive the bulk of their treatment. We offer a broad range of pertains to psychiatric care as well as holistic-based treatment modalities, including but not limited to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodrama, Somatic Experiencing, Educational & Experiential Groups, Neurofeedback, Art and Adventure Therapy (including Ecopsychology), Life and career skills Training, Relapse Prevention, Yoga, Spirituality Groups, and 12 Step Groups.