Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Journey Malibu Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs | Journey MalibuSadly but truly, substance use and behavioral addictions are wreaking great devastation on our country, and on the world at large. On a daily basis, thousands of people make the unfortunate transition from mild substance or alcohol abuse into full-on alcoholism and/or drug addiction. For most of these people, the stakes are incredibly high, as their dependence on alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication, or their behavioral disorders, put their health, their relationships, and even their families at great risk.

Help is Out There… Right Here at Journey Malibu

If there is any silver lining, it’s that we have more help available today than ever before. This help comes in the form of support groups, holistic alcohol, and drug therapies, and other great advances in clinical based with clinical in the verbiage – many of which can be found in drug addiction treatment programs all over the world.

The even better news is, we offer an integrated combination of all of these treatments, all conveniently located in one drug rehab treatment center… Journey Malibu.

Unfortunately, it may often take an individual hitting “rock bottom” before they will come to the realization that they are in desperate need of professional help. Fortunately, whether they realize it or not, they have access to drug addiction treatment programs, like ours at JOURNEY MALIBU’s California drug rehab, to turn things around.

What follows is an overview of the drug rehab process, as well as a review of those individuals who would perhaps benefit the most from availing themselves of all that a good drug addiction treatment program has to offer:

What Is A Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are, in the broadest sense of the term, courses of treatment by which an individual can overcome their addictions, whether they are substance, behavioral, or co-occurring in nature. Addictions are often comprised of both physical and psychological compulsions. A good drug rehab like the one we have here at JOURNEY MALIBU’s Recovery Center addresses both these components in full.

We provide the most effective rehab treatment for you.

What Are The Two Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment Programs?

Although there is a wide range of different treatment styles at the various California drug rehabs out there, the two predominant types of drug addiction treatment programs are inpatient (or “residential rehab”) and outpatient.

* At INPATIENT drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, the individual moves into the California drug rehab facility full-time and receives constant care and attention from the treatment staff. The Malibu drug rehab facility, like ours at JOURNEY MALIBU, provides the client with a “safe place” where they can live full-time and focus solely on their recovery.

* At OUTPATIENT drug addiction treatment programs, the drug rehab patient takes part in counseling, detox, and other procedures available at the drug rehab, then returns each night to their home or to their sober living facility. This choice is best for those whose cases are not as dire as others, or who need to attend work or school during treatment.

What Will Happen To Me In A Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

At JOURNEY MALIBU, you will find four primary components to your treatment program: detox, counseling, therapies, and aftercare.
The detoxification process in drug rehab is sometimes necessary right away to address an individual’s physical addiction to drugs. It’s possible that during detox you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Generally, these symptoms will not be life-threatening, but they can be accompanied by relapse if the detox is not supervised by a trained professional. Of course, your detox at JOURNEY MALIBU will be supervised by a licensed pertains to psychiatric care doctor to the licensed clinician.


Family, individual, and group counseling are all essential parts of our program here at JOURNEY MALIBU’S Drug rehab and are necessary to help you overcome your PSYCHOLOGICAL addiction to drugs. During your counseling sessions, we will address the root causes behind your addiction and develop strategies to help rebuild your capacity to tolerate, negotiate, and move through situations that may have adversely affected you in the past.


We provide a vast number of therapies at Journey Malibu, clinical-based  AND alternative, covering a wide range of healing modalities, from Adventure and Creative Arts therapy to Equine and Nutritional Intelligence support. All these therapies are offered with the intention of designing, with our clients’ help and participation, a drug addiction treatment program that will be fluid and alive enough to evolve with their ever-shifting needs.


Aftercare programs are provided to help you prepare for life after you finish your stay at JOURNEY MALIBU’S drug rehab. Utilizing follow-up counseling sessions, you will be given additional support and guidance as you adjust back to life the “real world”, only this time without drugs or alcohol in your life.

How Long Will It Take To Complete This Type of Treatment Program?

Because the specific nature of an individual’s addiction can vary widely, it is difficult to say with any degree of accuracy exactly how long any particular treatment may last. That’s why we place so much emphasis on your initial assessment so that we can tailor the right drug addiction treatment program for you depending on your particular needs. Studies have shown that those who remain in drug rehab for approximately 90 days have the best chances for maintaining their sobriety.

Who Should Consider A Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

Anyone who feels incapable of discontinuing their addictions on their own, or has seen their life come apart at the seams as a result of substance use or behavioral disorders should consider entering a treatment program immediately. We encourage family members to be proactive if they believe their loved one may have developed an addiction.

So if you’re serious about your recovery, and are looking for a treatment program to help you turn your life around now, we hope you’ll consider making JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.

Please call us today at (888) 717-5643 to find out if we have the right program for you. If not, we promise to help you find the best match for you. All calls are strictly confidential.