– Long-Term Sobriety Requires Long-Term Recovery Care –

At Journey Malibu, we go to great lengths to ensure your transition back into the “real world” is as painless as possible. Continue the path of long-lasting recovery.

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JOURNEY MALIBU offers Aftercare for continued support as you ease back into your life after our 30, 60 or 90-day addiction rehab program. This is a critical time in your sobriety when the potential for relapse is greatest. We maintain an open-door policy for JOURNEY MALIBU alumni and encourage continued counseling in order to ensure a successful transition from our Malibu Rehabilitation Home back into the community at large.

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– Take The Long Happy Road Home –

Many of our staff members have made a similar journey to recovery and understand how important it is to make a successful transition from our home into yours’… and your new, addiction-free life.

JOURNEY MALIBU supports a successful recovery through our Aftercare transitional, outpatient treatment program, a continuing relationship with your assigned drug and alcohol counselor, and 12-step outreach programs.

Once you leave the safe environment of our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center, we know that maintaining sobriety out in the real world presents serious challenges for our guests. Aftercare offers a safety net during a critical time of their recovery, when our clients are doing their best to transition back into the normal activities of life. Our highly trained, compassionate counselors at JOURNEY MALIBU’s California Drug Rehab will lead our recovering guests through a variety of basic life management issues, to help as they face making decisions about living arrangements, employment, and relationships. JOURNEY MALIBU also offers continued education and support every step of the way so our guests won’t feel they are being shoved back into the world unprepared.

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– Happily Ever After –

At Journey Malibu, our compassionate, highly-credentialed staff is committed to giving you the tools you’ll need to successfully achieve joyous – and long-lasting – sobriety.

Learning how to apply the tools you learned while in Primary Care here at our Malibu Drug Rehab can be overwhelming, particularly when facing the daunting ups and downs of life in the “real world”. Often, the natural response to a difficult life challenge for a newly sober individual is to reach for a drink or a drug to cope or feel better. During Aftercare, we’ll help our guests learn how to put the skills learned on the inside into practical application on the outside… with the continued support from a JOURNEY MALIBU counselor.

The specific Aftercare program we offer at JOURNEY MALIBU will take into account the widely varying needs of our guests. We recognize that many of them have the responsibilities of work, school, or childcare to attend to, and will need a flexible schedule which can accommodate those needs.

We offer a variety of Aftercare options, including:

• Day or evening outpatient care
• Continuing education in relapse prevention
• Drug & alcohol counseling • Sober Coaches
• Support groups


That’s why the Aftercare you will receive following treatment at JOURNEY MALIBU comes in the form of an ‘experiential’ program designed specifically with your needs in mind. After all, as one of the founders of JOURNEY MALIBU puts is, “Once you’ve put down the drink or the drug, you no longer have a drinking problem… you have a living problem.” With JOURNEY MALIBU’s Aftercare program, we’ll teach you how to handle those living problems as you transition from your addictions into a life of long-term sobriety.

So if you’re serious about your recovery, and are seeking a treatment program that recognizes the importance of Aftercare, make JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…” – Old Taoist Saying

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