Founders Message

Chris Loguidice

Chris Loguidice – Our Founder

Welcome. If you’re reading this right now, you or maybe someone you love, may be suffering the way I was 25 years ago when I first moved to this area, lost and broken, and dependent on drugs and alcohol. But I found hope and recovery with the support I received from the nurturing community here in Malibu. Because of my sobriety, I was able to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a pilot; now with Journey Malibu, I’m fulfilling an adult passion to help others overcome their struggles with the substance use and behavioral disorders that have prevented them from attaining their hopes and dreams.


In my experience, there was no one thing that helped me get back on the path. That’s why I was determined to make sure Journey Malibu would not stick to any one program, but would instead offer a variety of treatments, and be prepared to customize them for each of our guests, according to their very specific needs.

I feel blessed now to have assembled an incredible experienced Team – Professional and Compassionate, guided by an appreciation of the whole person, all of whom are committed to helping our clients rejuvenate, realign and Recover. From eating well to being well. We have assembled extraordinary resources with certainty of powerfully improving your quality of life. My staff continues to evolve and inspire my passion in creating a quality place to heal, where my vision of combining the best clinical  based, holistic, and alternative treatments for recovery has become a reality.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you’ll consider making Journey Malibu your destination.


If you’re looking for a recovery center whose founder is as committed to providing long-term sobriety, as you are to achieving it,
make JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.


“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…”
– Old Taoist Saying

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