Private Drug Rehab

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

At the JOURNEY MALIBU Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on offering a Private Drug Rehab where you can recover in peace and serenity.


When you or a loved one is seeking a treatment facility that offers safe and confidential recovery, a Private drug rehab program is often the best solution. At JOURNEY MALIBU, we understand that substance use disorders are more than just personal problem since they can often affect whole families and their surrounding communities. Consequently, seeking recovery in these situations is a complex and delicate matter to address and one that is often best accomplished outside the spotlight. By choosing a private program, such as the one we offer here at JOURNEY MALIBU Private Drug Treatment center, you will receive all the benefits a good treatment center can provide, while maintaining your dignity.

The Benefits of Our Private Drug Rehab Programs

JOURNEY MALIBU’s Private Drug Rehab Program offers the kind of safe, intimate, confidential recovery you simply can’t find in more conventional rehab centers.

Private Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center | Journey MalibuFor starters, you can check into our treatment center anonymously if you wish, without needing to provide a bulk of identifying information. What this does is protect your reputation, and keep the particulars of your condition safe from those who might seek to use your struggles to harm you at work or in the community at large. Although we know that no one is immune from alcoholism substance use and co-occurring disorders and that this “primary chronic relapsing disease” can be found in every sector of society, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the issue. Private drug rehab will keep you safe from those in our society who still believe that people who suffer from alcoholism and addiction will never be able to change. At JOURNEY MALIBU, we KNOW that change is possible, and we are determined to provide a safe, secure, and accessible haven to everyone who is committed to finding – and creating — that change in their own lives. Our rehab center offers individuals an opportunity to recover and heal, outside the range of the prying eyes of those who might seek to harm you because of your addiction.

JOURNEY MALIBU: Our Principles, Your Privacy

malibu_drug_rehab_032211kAt JOURNEY MALIBU, we know it is hard enough to seek help for your addiction and alcoholism, without worrying about many of the other obstacles that can stand between you and a life of sobriety. For the wealthy and celebrated among us, we know there is often a wider range of impediments to recovery, such as paparazzi, not to mention agents, managers, and lawyers. For this reason, it is imperative that our clients understand that JOURNEY MALIBU’s addiction treatment center offers the kind of isolation and seclusion where their recovery can be pursued in the safest environment possible.

So if you’re serious about your recovery, and want a treatment center that values your privacy as much as you do, consider making JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.

Call us to see if we are the right treatment facility for you. If so, we can schedule a consultation and assessment today. If not, we’ll make sure to help you find the best match for you. All calls are strictly confidential.