Why Journey Malibu As Your Trusted Rehabilitation Program

Why Journey Malibu as your trusted rehabilitation program

“When people don’t know what they don’t know, it can be a disaster”

Rehab is not an inexpensive process but it can be lifesaving. We believe in rehabilitation, detox, and recovery and we are healers. We believe if you are reading this, you are already smart about planning ahead and about your future rehabilitation and recovery. Journey Malibu is effective. Most of the high-end places are absolutely beautiful. But well-manicured does not mean that they have the means to the cure. In Journey Malibu, we believe what we offer works and we guarantee our results in the most accelerated period of time.

1) First, trust the person who is helping you in this process if you are getting help from a loved one. Family and friends are the ones who usually illuminate the addiction for a loved one and consequently persuade the addict into recovery. If that is the case believe that you are in good hands.

2) Journey Malibu has the most credential staff and nursing with excellent response time to the call button, medication management, and food quality

3) You will be assigned a point of contact who keeps everyone up to date and also plans a monitoring system to check to make sure patients are where they are supposed to be

4) Custom Tailored and Individualized Recovery Program

5) Most important we map out your recovery program and we make sure you will see the light at the end of the tunnel

6) Journey Malibu is best in medication-assisted treatment, talk therapy, holistic therapy, and non-12 step recovery

7) The best detox for those coming off of opioid-replacement drugs which we believe is the hardest of all

8) Treatment based on science, education, one-on-one therapy and/or group therapy. Be aware that judging a place by looks can be deceiving, as fancy décor doesn’t mean there is good nursing care; good to your eyes may not be good at all. Bistro-style dining, lounge areas with big TVs, ornate lobbies – definitely appealing but not a quick trip to recovery.

9) We make the addict part of the solution and not part of the problem and remember the longer the treatment, the greater the opportunity to succeed

10) At Journey Malibu, a powerful part of therapy is by way of background, transference, and counter-transference, which is the relationship formed between a therapist and the patient. Negotiated correctly, it can be a forceful tool in addictive recovery. At the core, it is the therapist who provides the behavioral therapy that is most proven to assist in treatment. Whether it is one-on-one or group, that person should remain a part of the process throughout.