Confidential Drug Rehab

Confidential Drug Rehab

Every treatment facility promises to respect your privacy, but at JOURNEY MALIBU’s intimate, secluded confidential drug rehab, we make your privacy our priority.

The staff at our Confidential drug rehab are committed to helping our guests stay focused on the primary goal of getting clean and overcoming their addictions (substance, co-occurring, and behavioral) while rebuilding their capacity to tolerate, negotiate, and move through situations that may have adversely affected them in the past.  They can pursue this goal here in our confidential drug rehab, without worrying about the prying eyes of the outside world looking in and creating unnecessary obstacles.

Confidential Drug Rehab | Journey MalibuThis is not to say that more conventional drug rehabs won’t work, because they will… for the right type of clientele. But for clients who have achieved a certain level of status and professional success, such as attorneys, physicians, or pilots, Confidential drug rehab is often a much better choice because it will allow them to get sober in the type of environment where they will feel most comfortable and at home. If individuals do not feel comfortable at a Malibu drug rehab, they may find it more challenging to achieve true recovery.

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we also understand that for our clients who are used to a certain standard of living and accommodations, a conventional California drug and alcohol rehab facility can’t provide the types of amenities they may desire. At JOURNEY MALIBU, we offer residents the types of services to which they have become accustomed – services like first class exercise programs, adventure therapy (including sailing and equine programs), spa treatments, and gourmet nutritious meals. These services are provided in a sumptuous and secluded residential environment where our clients will feel safe and secure pursuing their private – and individualized — paths to recovery.

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we recognize the importance of being surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals who can relate to what you’re going through, and to whom you can relate as well.



Often it can be difficult for people who come from different strata of society to relate to each other and support each other in a group setting. But in a confidential drug rehab like the one we offer here at JOURNEY MALIBU, we are confident our clients will feel completely at ease, both with the intimate size of our facility and with the clientele with which we have carefully chosen to fill it. Of course, no one struggling with their addiction wants the outside world to know what they’re going through. But some of us desire an added level of security and comfort, and for those who do, like perhaps you or a loved one, JOURNEY MALIBU is here for you.

What Makes Journey Malibu’s Confidential Drug Rehab so special?

JOURNEY MALIBU provides a number of services and treatments that give our guests greater value. The good news is that these added benefits while enhancing the luxurious aspects of the Journey Malibu experience are also beneficial in the addiction recovery process.  These benefits include but aren’t limited to:

•    Greater attention from the JOURNEY MALIBU staff.

With a bed count that we keep to a minimum, the staff at JOURNEY MALIBU can more closely attend to the needs of each and every one of our clients. That means getting to know them better, understanding what makes them tick and, ultimately, doing a more effective job of helping them break their cycles of addiction.

•    More treatment programs.

As detailed in the “Our Program” section of our website, our JOURNEY MALIBU treatment center provides an overall, comprehensive wellness experience, that does not adhere to any one modality or plan of attack.  Instead, we feature a combination of recovery, alternative, and evidence-based clinical interventions/treatments, to co-create a program – with your participation — that best suits your individual needs. Consequently, we are able to offer elements from a variety of modalities, as we custom-tailor a program designed to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our recovering guests.

•    Nutritional education, sustenance, and guidance.

At JOURNEY MALIBU’s Confidential drug rehab center, we will literally do everything it takes to help restore the good health of our patients.  This includes providing them with diets tailored specifically for their unique nutritional needs.  Often, this means preparing gluten-free, and/or low-glucose meals during their stay at our facility, always served with the utmost attention to detail and taste.  We will also provide healing foods, Nutritional Supplements, as well as Alternative Therapeutic support for a gentle Cleansing/Detoxification if such a treatment is found to be necessary and appropriate.

•    Comfortable beautifully maintained surroundings.

Many of our guests may feel walking into JOURNEY MALIBU for the first time like they are entering a five-star resort. That’s because we have spared no expense in terms of providing comfortable living quarters for our guests, along with well-designed public areas that promote recovery based and solace from within and without.  Our treatments are offered from our beautiful home and the luxurious, Mediterranean environment – a unique, microclimate that is only one of four in the world — to promote health and personal growth.

JOURNEY MALIBU offers confidential drug rehabilitation in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world – Malibu, California. Although it is located less than a half hour from downtown Los Angeles, Malibu literally can feel like it’s a world away – offering peace, serenity, and privacy for our guests who are ready to focus their energy and attention on the business – and supreme, life-sustaining pleasure — of recovery.

So if you are seeking a program in which to pursue long-term sobriety in peace and tranquility, we invite you to call JOURNEY MALIBU and see if our program is the right one for you.

All calls are strictly confidential.