Executive Drug Rehab

Executive Drug Rehab

At Journey Malibu, we offer the working man or woman personal recovery that won’t come at the expense of their professional lives.


The Executive Drug Rehab program at JOURNEY MALIBU’s California Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center have been designed especially with successful business professionals and high-level executives in mind. We are an executive drug rehab specifically equipped to help the types of over-worked, high profile, high-stress professionals, such as attorneys, physicians, or pilots, recover from their substance use disorders – especially when they are now facing the threat of losing their licenses. At JOURNEY MALIBU, we employ an individualized approach that is custom-tailored to meet the needs of those who may have achieved great success in other areas of their life, but who still struggle to overcome their addictions – whether they are substance, behavioral, or co-occurring in nature.

We’ll educate you about the neurobiology behind your addiction so that you can understand it is a no-fault illness of the brain. We do not ascribe critical notions of liability, imperfection, or fault to a human being for having this brain disorder. We help our residents to understand that their addictions have “hijacked their brains” of their normal abilities to function.  We believe that education and understanding of the neurophysiologic mechanisms behind addiction are necessary to a successful and complete recovery.

The staff at JOURNEY MALIBU knows how challenging it can be for very successful people to make the difficult decision to get treatment for their problems with drugs or alcohol, no matter how much damage their addictions may have caused. Frequently, men or women who have worked hard to reach the pinnacles of their professions find it hard to imagine themselves in a California Drug and Alcohol Treatment center surrounded by other “drug addicts,” even if the facility is located in Malibu. At JOURNEY MALIBU, we find this belief, understandable as it is, can be a serious and unnecessary obstacle to a successful person in need of treatment. This is one of the main reasons we decided to create a dedicated Executive Drug Rehab program at JOURNEY MALIBU. We are determined not to let negative preconceptions about treatment facilities and their supposed clientele come between our clients and their precious desire for recovery.

Safe, Serene, Custom-Tailored Recovery

The Executive Drug Rehab program at JOURNEY MALIBU offers a safe, serene, and peaceful setting for our clients, in which they will feel encouraged to get their lives back on track, without being required to completely disconnect from their business or work for an extended period of time.

Executive Drug Rehab | Journey MalibuWe are cell and computer friendly and understand the need to stay connected to your professional life while in recovery. We are committed to working with you, as you rebuild your capacity to negotiate, tolerate, and move through situations that may have adversely affected you in the past.

We know how important it is for our clients to stay in touch with their professional lives, even as they seek to recover from problems that may very well have been caused partially by the stresses which resulted from that very work. The staff at JOURNEY MALIBU also believes strongly that one’s recovery will not be long-lasting if they can only function successfully within the walls of a rehab facility. Consequently, one of the goals is to ensure that our clients are prepared for re-entry into the real world after they leave us and are ready to begin a life free from the burdens of their substance use disorders

Our program is facilitated by world-renowned drug addiction specialists who have been sought out and selected from a wide range of fields.

These specialists provide our clients with individual and group therapy sessions, spiritual counselings, guidance in fitness and nutrition, and techniques for handling the stresses that often go hand in hand when dealing with the stresses of your personal and professional lives. The treatment at our Malibu executive drug rehab center is provided in a luxurious residential environment, featuring an array of unparalleled amenities. The program at JOURNEY MALIBU allows our clients to receive the best treatment available without sacrificing the better things in life as they do so.

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we know that even the savviest and most successful of professionals are susceptible to addictions (be they substance or behavioral) and co-occurring disorders. We know that as a busy, successful professional, you have a life and a career to lead and that you can’t simply put everything on hold.  Our program has been specifically designed to provide you with the best of both worlds: You can continue to carry on your work activities and stay in touch with family and friends, while simultaneously undergoing professional treatments at our executive drug rehab that will provide you with the opportunity for a fresh start in your personal and professional lives.

Effective Care For The Highly Functioning Professionals


Our program at JOURNEY MALIBU is also perfect for those individuals who may need specialized services or who are new to treatment.

We find that those clients will especially appreciate the ability of our executive drug rehab to design a program specifically to fit their specific needs. We have also found our treatment program is extremely helpful for individuals who have been prone to chronic relapses, as pressures and responsibilities that occur in a professionally structured environment can often trigger old behaviors.

So if you’re serious about your recovery, and want a treatment center that understands the necessity of providing an Executive Drug Rehab, we hope you’ll consider JOURNEY MALIBU.  Please call today to see if we are the right match for you.  If not, we’ll make sure to help you find some place that can help.  And remember: all calls are strictly confidential.