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Our safe, intimate facility allows for the kind of hands-on, truly customized care you won’t find anywhere else.

Despite a large number of drug rehab programs available in California, many promise similar methods for approaching the problem of alcohol addiction. These similarities include some basic phases of recovery, which, in our opinion, all alcohol addiction rehab treatment should include. Our intimate home environment supports only a handful of select guests who are serious about finding their unique path to recovery and long-lasting sobriety. Learn more about the success of our drug rehab therapists.

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Only at Journey Malibu will you find the following common treatment modalities applied in the kind of intimate, nurturing setting where they can be most effective.


    Detox at Journey Malibu is safe and staff supervised.
    The first phase of recovery, Alcohol detox is the process by which the body cleanses itself of alcohol-related toxins. During this phase of alcohol addiction rehab treatment, the alcoholic stops drinking alcohol while under the supervision of clinical based and counseling professionals. The presence of trained professionals, such as those we provide at JOURNEY MALIBU’s Recovery Center, is crucial, as most individuals will often suffer from withdrawal symptoms, and will need support and care in order to avoid relapse or any other health problems which may appear during this detox process.


    Our one-on-one counseling is provided by compassionate, highly-credentialed therapists with over 50 years of experience treating addicts and alcoholics.
    The psychological dependence on alcohol can often be stronger than physical addiction to the drug. And just as with drug addiction, the alcoholic must address the problem at the source. Individual counseling is the part of alcohol addiction rehab treatment in which alcoholics can address their past issues head-on, and learn what exactly may have they led to their chronic alcohol consumption.


    Our entire staff is trained in Somatic Experiencing so that our guests will always be in the competent hands of someone who can lead them through the trauma that lies at the core of addiction.
    On the other hand, group sessions involve meeting with other recovering addicts in an alcohol addiction rehab treatment program to discuss past experiences, while working together to help one another find solutions to their common problem of alcoholism. These sessions will especially benefit those individuals who have too often felt alone and isolated because of their drinking problem. The support network that forms organically between participants in group counseling can help speed up the recovery process.


    Journey Malibu’s Aftercare provides our guests with the tools and resources they will need to maximize their potential for achieving and enjoying their long-term sobriety,
    When this part of alcohol addiction rehab treatment is ignored, alcoholics will very often experience relapses that could have been otherwise avoided. 12-step programs and follow-up counseling help the individual avoid such relapses, while also helping to make the transition back into the “real world” more fluid and graceful. Unfortunately, family and friends often find it difficult to relate to what the alcoholic is going through. But a good aftercare program, like the one we offer at JOURNEY MALIBU, will help fill that void with understanding and accountability.

So if you’re serious about your recovery, and are seeking the most effective alcohol addiction rehab treatment for you, make JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.


“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…” – Old Taoist Saying

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