Drug Rehab and Treatment – 28 Day Accelerated Rehab, Recovery, Treatment and Rehabilitation Program

A safe, staff supervised detox
Custom-tailored clinical  based therapies that treat addiction as a “primary chronic relapsing disease”
A wide range of alternative treatments that address the needs of the WHOLE individual
A staff of committed, compassionate, highly credentialed therapists
Journey Malibu, California’s most effective Drug Rehab.


At Journey Malibu, we believe that addiction, whether to a substance or a behavior, is a no-fault illness of the brain. We believe in treating addiction as the “primary chronic relapsing disease” that it is and treat it from a rigorously applied clinical based model as such. We do not ascribe critical notions of liability, imperfection, or fault to a human being for having this brain disease. Addiction is created and maintained by certain neurotransmitters in the brain that in essence “hijack the brain” of its normal ability to function, and we believe that a sense of normalcy and the ability to take pleasure in life can be recovered for even the most critical addict, but that education and understanding of the neurophysiologic mechanisms behind addiction are necessary to a successful and complete recovery.

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Journey Malibu’s unique blend of clinical based, holistic, and evidence-based therapies, nutritional guidance, and spiritual fortification gives our clients the best chance for long-term sobriety.

Therapy At Drug Rehabs

While cognitive and behavioral therapy is a staple of many treatment programs, at JOURNEY MALIBU’s California drug rehab, we offer a unique blend of many different clinical based and alternative modalities, all culled from the most evidence-based drug rehabs available. We’ll start with your symptoms while working through and beyond your addictions. Life-changing tools are being offered here. Turning the “lights” on in your brain.

One of the most important components of any treatment center is the staff that you will be working with on a day-to-day basis. At JOURNEY MALIBU’s California drug rehab we have an assortment of qualified and compassionate staff members on site around the clock to assist you in all of your needs during this important and critical point in your recovery. At JOURNEY MALIBU, you will have a licensed, trained therapist assigned to you from our excellent treatment team, and we also have a psychiatrist available if it is necessary to supplement your treatment with medications.

But what really sets us apart is that our staff not only have academic and intellectual grasps of the processes of addiction and recovery, many Journey Malibu staff members are actively involved in their own journeys of recovery from the substance or behavioral addiction and dependence. This means that we bring compassion to the table in all of our interactions with you, the patient. We understand from personal experience the cravings and compulsions to use, the associated feelings of guilt and shame, the ambivalence about treatment and doubt that it will really work, (“How can anyone fix me? Do I even want to get better?”), and also the joy in reawakening to a new way of living. At Journey Malibu, the staff integrates our individual areas of professional expertise with our common compassion and understanding of your struggle to bring you the most comprehensive and healing treatment experience possible.

You leave here with a thoughtfully developed “graduation plan”, and tools to use. A way to integrate into your daily life, routine, with specific awareness of spirit.

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Outpatient And Inpatient Drug Rehab Therapy

A residential drug rehab, like the Inpatient program we offer at Journey Malibu, is a more thorough and comprehensive program than those offered by outpatient programs. At JOURNEY MALIBU, we’ve found that lengths of our client’s stays can range anywhere from 28 to 130 days, depending on what each individual needs. If you are considering treatment for your substance or behavioral addiction, outpatient therapy is an option, but generally, the first line of treatment would be an inpatient, program, comprehensive enough to help you make the life changes necessary to “springboard” back into your life. However, after you complete your inpatient stay at JOURNEY MALIBU, we will help you develop a thorough plan to continue on your path toward long-term health and recovery, including an outpatient drug rehab.

An outpatient program might be recommended for continuous and ongoing support after the balance has been restored, and your stay at JOURNEY MALIBU feels complete. “It takes a whole village”. Supportive Interaction and human connections are proven to be essential in Recovery. Outpatient therapy is meant for recovering addicts whose coping skills allow them to live at home or perhaps at a sober living house. All therapy, whether in or outpatient at JOURNEY MALIBU’s drug, alcohol, and substance abuse rehab, is conducted in a confidential and emotionally safe setting. Even though group therapy is a shared experience, everyone is expected to follow the rules of respect and to use the group setting to discuss group issues.

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Along with “conventional” therapies at JOURNEY MALIBU, we also offer an array of alternative/holistic therapies. Some you may know of or have already experienced. Others will be new and take you into exciting unchartered waters, even literally, when it comes to our “Sail + heal” adventure therapy. New experiences and healing bring forth into any environmental situation and transmute the negativity into a positive gain. We also offer a Customized fitness plan for individual needs and preferences Guided by our fitness team, our residents are exposed to a variety of activities designed to strengthen their body, mind, and spirit, from the elliptical cross trainer, swimming, and light weights to Taichi, Yoga, walk on the sand and hiking in the canyon. Simple, positive action that can bring positive results to the physical level.

Family Inclusion

We know that alcoholism and addiction can be a lonely experience sometimes, but the disease doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so neither should it’s solution. That’s why the staff at JOURNEY MALIBU place such a strong emphasis on the family therapy sessions we hold here at our California drug addiction facility. We know that family members have been affected by their loved one’s addiction, even if they haven’t lived with that person for some time. Our effective drug rehab encourages family involvement in order to help uncover the powerful connection and influence family members can have in an addict’s life, and harness that power to help the addict restore valued relationships and achieve long-term sobriety.


Now that you know what really happens behind our doors, you are better equipped to make an informed choice over which one would be right for you or your loved one.

So if you’re serious about your recovery,
and are looking for a program to help you turn your life around NOW, make JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.

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