Primary Treatment

Primary Drug and Alcohol Treatments At Journey Malibu

The Primary Treatment you will receive at our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center includes initial physical and psychological stabilization, staff supervised detoxification when necessary, and the design and implementation of the treatment program.

Clinical and holistic treatments are conducted by a staff of licensed,
pre-licensed psychotherapists and experienced healers from all modalities.

The core of our program is based around individual and group sessions. Journey Malibu offers more individualized and one on one psychotherapy and healing sessions than most other treatment facilities in the country.

Description of Session and Groups:

Individual Psychotherapy: ( 4-6 times); Conducted by a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, clients utilize their psychotherapy sessions in order to begin the process of digging to the root of their addiction. Childhood trauma, attachment, and family of origin issues are usually at the heart of a person’s present suffering. And when the fog from the drugs and alcohol have been lifted and the client is stabilized, the process of insight-oriented psychotherapy commences. Sometimes this process can bring up a painful history that must be confronted in a safe and non-judgmental environment where the therapist and client can begin a psychic journey of healing that may continue upon a client’s discharge. Change happens “in the room” with the therapist, then practiced within the group environment and with continued treatment and practice, later transferred to the day to day dealings with one’s family, employment and social situations with more satisfying relational results.

Relapse Prevention Group: (2x a week) This Cognitive-Behavioral group led by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, focuses on the thoughts and behaviors that are necessary to activate and sustain healthy recovery. The group is topic-oriented, focused and linear in its approach. Old behaviors are examined and new, healthier behaviors are suggested. Tools to combat triggers, cravings and obsessive, addictive thoughts are examined and new solutions to old problems are put into practice. This is not a process group.

Process Group: (1-2x a week): There is a fundamental truth in that in order to change one’s communication styles and feelings and attitudes outside the rooms of treatment, we must acknowledge the futility of our present communication styles. Change will happen in treatment before it happens “on the outside” such as the family, workplace and social situations. Process group (also led by a licensed professional), examines old behaviors as they come up in the group dynamic and through the group process experience, gently confronted in a safe environment in order to see that there are other, healthier ways to express oneself rather than in anger, denial, or other defensive mechanisms that keep one from living a full life and


Psycho-education group: (1x a week): Led by either a licensed professional or a licensed intern, this educational group is more focused on the educational aspect of addiction and alcoholism. Through the use of videos, power-point and lecture presentations, clients will learn about how drugs, alcohol and other substances (nicotine, food, gambling, sex) affect brain function and the related capacity to make solid, healthy choices. Other topics may focus on family dynamics and how addiction affects not only the sufferer, but those who much live around them.

Family/Couples Therapy: (1-2x a month). Drug and alcohol addiction is a family dis-ease. While the client is at un-ease in his mind, body and spirit, his family also suffers a similar trauma. Here at Journey Malibu, we treat the family as a system that has suffered a major breakdown. It is not just the addicted person who suffers, but everyone from the spouse to the children feel the effects of the disruptions caused by the addiction. Trust is shattered, intimacy maligned and relationships are torn apart. Here at Journey Malibu, we help begin the process of putting broken families and couples back together so as the addict or alcoholic heals, so does the family begin their journey to health and wellbeing.

Case Management: (1x): Many clients leave in-patient treatment with a list of 12 step meetings and good intentions. We do things differently. Every client at Journey Malibu is assigned a case manager who works closely with client’s team right from the beginning of treatment to insure that upon discharge, the client is equipped with the appropriate outside referrals that will pick up the treatment where we at Journey leave off. Every client is discharged with scheduled appointments with therapists, psychiatrists, group services such as 12 step and alternative group meetings.

Core Program and Optional Holistic Treatments:

  • Physical and psychiatric assessment.
  • Detoxification (detox) if indicated.malibu_drug_rehab_032211s
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Relapse Prevention Group
  • Psycho-education
  • Family Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Physical training
  • Life coaching
  • Water therapies

At Journey Malibu, we take pride in offering a well-developed, evidence-based treatment plan that will facilitate in creating a solid foundation of sobriety.

Treatment is definitely serious, but it can also be fun. In addition to our core treatment planning, we want our clients to enjoy their new found sobriety with a tool that will help them in many of life’s most challenging situations. The healing of mind, body and spirit is our goal in establishing a solid foundation for building a new life – free from drugs, alcohol. Journey Malibu can get you started.