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What Makes Journey Malibu Alcohol Rehab Unique?

Utilizing our staff’s wide range of skills, we offer a combination of the best Clinical, holistic, evidence-based medicine/treatments available, including:
  • Delicious nutritional intelligence program
  • Individual/group/family therapy
  • Neurobiology of addiction
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Equine and outdoor adventure
  • Somatic Experiencing (Stress/Trauma)
  • Daily Yoga/Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Creative Arts
  • Reinvention coaching



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Other distinctive features of the Journey Malibu approach to Alcohol Rehab include:

  • Our healing environment: Operating out of our spacious and luxurious drug rehab facility, we trust you will feel SAFE AND SECURE here at Journey Malibu. Friendly and always available staff, combined with our nationally acclaimed, licensed, professional therapists, means you are in capable hands here and will feel well-guided along your Journey to recovery. At larger facilities, where you can be lost in the crowd, your environment is contained, and our low staff-to-client ratio allows us to maintain our focus on you.
  • Our Commitment to Physical Recovery: Journey Malibu utilizes a wide range of specialists, from physical therapists to revolutionary clinicians, to provide a comprehensive analysis of your physical condition. We provide an on-going staff supervised healing process that allows the trauma caused by addiction to be addressed in your immunological system, your metabolic systems, and your hormonal levels.
  • We address the whole person — Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit — beginning with their symptoms. We offer positive action choices that can bring positive results to the physical level. We offer “nutritional intelligence” — Garden fresh, organic, hormone free, gluten free, delicious choices to strengthen your body and clear your mind while reducing the body’s ‘craving memory response’ and the ways to integrate those choices into your daily life.
  • Our exceptionally Experienced and Successful Staff: Our compassionate and professional team will work with you beyond your addictions (substance, co-occurring and behavioral) as we rebuild your capacity to tolerate, negotiate, and move through situations that may have adversely affected you in the past.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism, or alcohol addiction, has been referred to as an allergy of the body coupled with an obsession of the mind.

Taken together, these two conditions form a lethal combination that has ruined millions of lives over the last several centuries, or even millennia – since the discovery of late Stone Age beer jugs has established the fact that intentionally fermented beverages existed at least as early as the Neolithic period (Cir. 10,000 B.C.). Fortunately, we live in a time when the number of alcohol rehabs is spreading as quickly as the alcoholism for which they were created. In other words, Help is at hand, readily available… for those who are willing and ready.

How we define Journey Malibu?

[blockquote align=”left”]Education +experiential consciousness+ Awareness= Sustained Stable Sobriety.[/blockquote]JOURNEY MALIBU is a highly resourced Alcohol Addiction Rehab that offers time for you to care for your unique self. The purpose of this pilgrimage is to allow new intelligence to prevail.

At our Alcohol Rehab Center, our treatment decisions will address both components — mind AND body – for only by doing so can true, sustained, stable sobriety be achieved. Because of our emphasis on the whole person, an awareness of spirit is fostered as a vital part of each individual’s treatment process. WE ARE spiritual beings having a human experience. Disconnect or Being out of alignment is simply that… and a “spiritual” connection can be “key” on your road to Recovery.

At JOURNEY MALIBU you are a priority, if only for this short time.

Tell Tale Signs That Alcoholism Is Your Problem

At JOURNEY MALIBU’s Recovery Center, we believe that recovery from alcoholism can only begin once one recognizes that the problem exists in the first place.

One of the surest signs that you or someone you know would be helped by an Alcohol Treatment Center is when you (or they) continue to drink despite mounting family, health, or legal problems. Some of the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction include: 1) Craving for alcohol; 2) Loss of control; 3) Physical dependence – a sign often accompanied by Alcohol Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety; and 4) Increased Tolerance – which will require the alcoholic to drink greater amounts of alcohol in order to feel the desired effects.

The staff at JOURNEY MALIBU knows that alcohol addiction is a progressive condition. For many, that means the addiction begins slowly and grows until life becomes progressively unmanageable. We know this because many on our team have their own personal experiences in recovery (either their own or through a family member) and have faced these same harsh realities. We are well aware that as repeated efforts to gain control over alcohol addiction fails, lives may begin to fall apart. Hopefully, at this point, it becomes obvious and necessary to reach out for Alcohol Abuse Treatment (LINK).

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Individuals under the effects of alcohol are described as “intoxicated” because they have literally ingested toxins’ into their system. As these toxins spread throughout their bodies, they become intoxicated, which often leads to dramatic changes in their behavior. Consequently, they may find themselves weaving in their cars out on the highway, or growing belligerent with family and friends; behavior that would ordinarily be unimaginable when not “under the influence”. This, of course, is precisely the behavior that should lead one to begin looking to a treatment facility for help.

At our treatment center, the JOURNEY MALIBU staff will inform and educate our clients on the neurobiology of addiction (i.e., what is going on in your brain and why it has been “high jacked”). The truth is, alcohol poisoning is real and can be fatal, especially when accompanied by cirrhosis of the liver, which impedes the important function of a healthy liver.


At JOURNEY MALIBU, our trained clinical staff will monitor a gentle “Detox” process that allows the body to rid itself of alcohol and its related toxins.

We recommend detoxification under the supervision of a pertains to psychiatric care professional, preferably in a treatment center such as Journey Malibu, where we will provide healing foods, Nutritional Supplements, as well as Alternative Therapeutic support for a gentle Cleansing/Detoxification if appropriate. Our clinical based and holistic team specializes in preparing a cutting-edge, individualized detoxification plan that takes into account the circumstances of your particular substance disorder and/or pertains to psychiatric care history.

For those experiencing a more severe stage of alcoholism, Alcohol Detoxification may be the first step when initially entering a treatment center. As mentioned above, withdrawal symptoms can sometimes go hand in hand with an individual with severe symptoms who stops drinking. If unsupervised, this can be a very serious situation. Patients entering alcohol rehabs displaying any of the following symptoms — sweating, hand tremors, nausea, insomnia, rapid pulse, agitation and anxiety, etc. – might very well be provided with some carefully prescribed medication and treatments to help alleviate these symptoms.

The goals of detoxification at Journey Malibu are simple:

1) To provide a safe withdrawal from the drug, rendering the patient drug free.
2) To provide withdrawal that is humane, thus protecting the patient’s dignity.
3) To prepare the patient for the treatment of their dependence.

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Quality of your Life

Life moves in circles, cycles, and circumambulations, but isn’t meant to feel like a Rat trapped in its wheel. At Journey Malibu, we want to provide you with the opportunity to maintain your dignity throughout the recovery process.

Our goal at JOURNEY MALIBU is to transmute negativity into a positive gain while offering the tools to do so, and the way to use them in your daily life with specific awareness of Recovered spirit. We offer residents RETREATment in a rejuvenating, stress-free environment, where tranquility, confidentiality, and recovery go hand in hand.

So if you’re seeking a complete and effective treatment, and are confused about which of the many rehabs out there can best address your issues, please give us a call at Journey Malibu. All calls are strictly confidential. We will help you find the place that best fits your needs.

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