Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Cocaine Addiction Rehab

32540c2Are you tired of dealing with the pervasive and negative consequences of your cocaine addiction but don’t know how to stop on your own?

At Journey Malibu, we utilize a variety of highly accomplished therapists and specialists to provide a comprehensive analysis of your mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual condition. We are concerned with you-you in your entirety, and the completeness of your well-being. That’s why we’re able to administer the most effective treatment around to help you recover at our cocaine addiction rehab.

Your stay with us will begin, if necessary, with our safe, gentle, staff supervised detox for cocaine, which will get you started comfortably on your path to recovery.

Becoming Ready For Recovery at our Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Finding help for your cocaine addiction becomes more important with every additional day spent using. Fortunately, help can be found at JOURNEY MALIBU, one of the country’s premieres Cocaine Addiction Rehab Treatment Facilities. Treatment for cocaine abuse and cocaine addiction frequently focuses on behavioral interventions. That’s because Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other interventions have been shown to be effective for decreasing cocaine use and preventing relapse. The staff at JOURNEY MALIBU’s Residential RETREATment Program knows that treatment for the cocaine addict must be tailored to the individual patient’s needs in order to optimize the chances for success. There is no “one size fits all” for cocaine addiction rehab treatment and recovery – that’s why we offer a variety of traditional, alternative, and holistic therapies to help the patient find what will best and most effectively help them in their path of recovery. This type of specialized care can involve a combination of treatment, social supports, and other services.

At the moment, there are no FDA-approved medications for treating cocaine addiction. The most recent research indicates that while medications may end up finding a place in treating cocaine addiction, a comprehensive behavioral therapy program currently remains the most effective method to reduce cocaine use in the long term. It is important to understand these facts as you consider the best way to treat the problems facing you or your loved one in battling cocaine addiction.

JOURNEY MALIBU offers a luxury Cocaine Addiction Rehab Facility where you will find the opportunity to overcome your cocaine addiction. We offer a variety of Cocaine Addiction rehab programs, which will be custom-tailored to give you exactly the type of integrated, holistic, comprehensive treatment you or your loved one needs to successfully overcome a cocaine addiction.

Some Facts About Cocaine Addiction

Technically speaking, Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is procured from the leaves of the coca plant. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant, appetite suppressant, and topical analgesic. In the brain, cocaine acts on the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine as a reuptake inhibitor. This means that it blocks the transporters for these neurotransmitters, keeping them free-floating in the synaptic gap longer, and increasing their felt effect – which is the experience of the cocaine high. Cocaine is incredibly addictive because it increases the availability of these neurotransmitters, which in turn activate feelings of reward and reinforcement in many areas of the brain, especially within the VTA (ventral tegmental area), nucleus accumbens, and cerebral cortex. These are the reward centers of the brain that produce desirable feelings of pleasure and a drive to replicate the experience. But the cocaine addict knows that this clinical description barely scratches the surface as far as describing the dramatic effects cocaine addiction has on our lives. The bottom line is (and we do mean bottom) there are few drugs that can bring us to our knees quicker than cocaine.

In the 19th century, cocaine was introduced in Germany for clinical use as a local anesthetic. It was touted as a cure for everything from yellowed teeth to flatulence. Later in the century, traces of cocaine could even be found in popular soda drinks, most famously, of course, in Coca-Cola. Today cocaine continues to be occasionally prescribed for genuine pertains to psychiatric care uses, such as local anesthesia for the eye, ear, and throat surgeries. But far more often cocaine is used by addicts and recreational users alike for the reinforcing and pleasurable effects it produces. Because cocaine stimulates the nervous system and increases alertness, it can also bring on feelings of well-being and euphoria, which can then produce the perception of enhanced competence in both the sexual and athletic arenas. On the other hand, the drug just as frequently generates anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness.

The Effects Of Cocaine Addiction

Depending on the amount used and the individual characteristics and makeup of the user, cocaine use can cause everything from incessant runny or bloody noses, aches and pains, insomnia and mood swings, to more severe symptoms such as high blood pressure, tachycardia, paranoia, panic attacks, cognitive impairment, and even psychosis and drastic personality changes which can lead to compulsive, aggressive or even criminal activity in the user.

In excessive doses, the onset of tremors, convulsions and increased body temperature are noticeable. Depression with suicidal thoughts may also develop in very heavy users. As with many other addictive drugs, frequent usage of cocaine can often also lead to a rise intolerance, which, in turn, will then require ever-increasing dosages to achieve the same desired effects.

Although, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, marijuana remains the most commonly used illicit drug in the country (an estimated 25.4 million past-year users 12 or older), a recent survey administered by HHS’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA), found that “more than 6 million (2.5 percent) persons aged 12 years or older used cocaine in the year prior to the survey, and 2.4 million (1 percent) were current (past month) cocaine users.” (Source: Cocaine abuse study at SAMHSA)

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Can Give You Back The Life You Deserve

malibu_drug_rehab_032211rThe good news is you have more opportunities today than ever before to find the best Rehab Facility to treat your particular cocaine addiction. Of course, that’s also the bad news as well, because with more treatment options comes the confusion of selecting the best one for you. We here at JOURNEY MALIBU’s Cocaine Addiction Rehab recognize that problem, and invite you to call us so we can discuss whether our program and Residential RETREATment Facility will be the best one for you. We are confident that once you have spoken to one of our trained staff members, and taken a tour of our Cocaine Addiction Rehab, you will realize that JOURNEY MALIBU represents your best chance for achieving a happy and joyous – and longlasting! – life of sobriety.

If you’re serious about your recovery and are determined to put your cocaine addiction behind you, please consider making JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.

Take the first step today and call us for help with your cocaine addiction: (888) 717-5643. If we’re not the right Cocaine addiction rehab for you, we’ll help you find the one that is. All calls are strictly confidential.