Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic Drug Rehab



At JOURNEY MALIBU, we are nestled in nature, enveloped by ocean, mountains, and sky. We are committed to helping you rejuvenate, realign, and recover. Our treatment decisions are guided by an appreciation of the whole person, beginning with their symptoms.

Malibu Holistic Drug Rehab | Journey MalibuWe believe strongly that addictions (substance use or behavioral) cannot simply be removed from ones’ life, but must be systemically approached at their core. We strive to bring about catharsis (in its popular sense a purging of these addictions) if our clients are to have the best chance for a successful, long-term recovery.

The general aim of catharsis is creative tranquility, a condition in which you are free from pressing practical concerns to consider the big question. The actual contemplation may vary from one person to another, but some physical quieting helps start the process. Nature can help by providing an environment that stills the hyperactive mind. Our clients may find a walk on the beach at sunset, or a quiet hike in the canyon that leads to a waterfall cleans them out and prepares them to face their recovery treatment process with a fresh attitude. At JOURNEY MALIBU, we believe Spirituality and clarity go together. At our holistic drug rehab program, Spirituality practices aim at expanding the mind and heart, and most spiritual teachers recommend some form of mindfulness as the core of the practice. It may be yoga, Tai Chi, sitting, or something more tangible such as creative arts, music, painting or sailing and or Equine activities. You can learn a great deal about contemplation/mindfulness from one of the ancient systems of meditation, but you can also in ordinary ways adapted to your personal lifestyle. There are a number of alternative programs and practices at JOURNEY MALIBU that you’ll be able to choose from. We are committed to employing those treatments and practices for you in support of the powerful healing forces we all possess within us. And while we strengthen these natural healing forces, we never lose sight of the ultimate goal of our holistic drug rehab – to “reboot” our clients’ bodies, minds, and spirits to their “default settings”, before their battles with addictions did their greatest damage.

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we offer each individual a personal, holistic approach to their Recovery. We see The Whole Person, and together co-create a RETREATment plan to restore balance – Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.


We seek to empower each client with the confidence, knowledge, and motivation required to make a personal commitment in taking charge of their own recoveries. Our holistic drug rehab incorporates a variety of practices, led by our insightful experienced staff, all of whom will help our clients gain awareness and open up to the possibilities for change, to move through situations that may have adversely affected them in the past. We offer mindfulness techniques, which encourage ways to reduce stressful reactive behaviors. These techniques can prove helpful to our clients in having a healthy detachment while making decisions as they present themselves. The appreciation of the Whole person approach, at our holistic drug rehab, complements the core recovery program we offer, which include other, more clinical based -oriented modalities, providing valuable tools for stable sobriety and balance to our guests.

Awareness … One approach to recovery we employ at JOURNEY MALIBU reflects our belief that Spirituality can be found in the concrete, everyday world. Simply walking through a store, your attention can be caught by some beautiful things, and you can easily fall into deep reverie just looking at them. This can be a good way to be spiritual without criticizing ordinary life or the physical world. An ordinary person, for instance, materialistic and unconscious, might vacation at a beach resort for sheer comfort and luxury, but a spiritual person might understand that being near water can cleanse your heart and mind. There is nothing wrong with comfort and luxury, but the spiritual dimension can complete the picture and satisfies even more deeply. This way of thinking can favor an incarnational theology and spirituality, one that is profoundly rooted in experience.



Why is our Malibu Holistic Drug Rehab different from the others?


It’s our core principle, reflected in a staff that is composed of therapists/teachers and healers who place a premium on addressing addiction from the inside out.


The truth is many California drug rehabs throughout the state, and especially here in Malibu, have begun to incorporate holistic methods into their treatment programs. But JOURNEY MALIBU has been built on a philosophical principle that our treatment decisions will be guided by an appreciation of the whole person, beginning with their symptoms. Reflected throughout the entirety of the treatments we provide, from Creative Arts (painting, photography, writing, dancing, music) and adventure therapy (ropes courses, sailing, equine), to the nutritional education, reinvention coaching, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and healing spa treatments available at our facility. We recognize that these treatment/therapies, employed at our holistic drug rehab, have proven themselves to be particularly effective in reaching those individuals for whom traditional methods were constraining.

Journey Malibu’s Holistic Drug Rehab Programs include but are not limited to:

• Meditation. At JOURNEY MALIBU, for those who are ready to meditate, we offer a daily practice. One type of meditation we recommend is Vedic meditation. Vedic meditation is widely practices and its benefits have been validated by more than 600 scientific research studies conducted at over 200 research institutes and universities in 30 countries. Research into the effects of Vedic Meditation validates its ability to create powerful, measurable changes in our physiology, while also promoting mental and physical well-being. Millions today credit much of their happiness, health, and success to a daily meditation practice. Anyone can become an entirely self-sufficient meditate within a few short sessions. Some forms of meditation often require the practitioner to either concentrate, focus, contemplate or imagine something. These activities are known to excite the mind as opposed to relaxing the mind. Vedic Meditation is renowned for being easy and effortless as it does not require any concentration, focusing or imagining. The technique utilizes the natural tendency of the mind to become quiet and experience “bliss”. Research shows that it is effective in releasing stress, relief from insomnia, and other sleeping disorders, and promotes mental and physical well-being. We believe that meditation can be an integral part of our clients’ recovery processes and a way to enhance sustained stable sobriety.

malibu_drug_rehab_032211f• Daily Yoga. Yoga forms are believed to all be designed to raise Kundalini energy, and all have their origins in the pillars and Yoga Sutra of Patanjali-a foundational yogi scripture believed to have been compiled around the 2nd century BCE. The exercises and meditations of yoga claim to provide extensive benefits for personal, spiritual growth as well as improving mental and physical well-being. Some studies have shown that physical and physiological benefits cover a wide spectrum of ailments, including healing treatments for memory problems, asthma, pain, stress-related diseases, rehabilitating addictive behavior, and treating co-occurring disorders. These practices enable the person to merge with or “yoke” the universal self. This merging of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness is said to create “divine union” called yoga. In our experience at our holistic drug rehab, many of our clients have found it very useful to replace and/or off-set their addictions (substance use/behavioral/co-occurring) with the discipline of a yoga practice.

• Nutritional
Intelligence Simply means Eating Well… where good taste meets good health. The JOURNEY MALIBU chefs specialize in the importance of Eating Well, a crucial part of the drug and alcohol treatment program we offer our clients. We offer nutritional intelligence at our holistic drug rehab as a means of educating our clients on a range of issues; i.e., good fats and not so good fats, the pros and cons of eating organic and/or Hormone/antibiotic free. Whole food benefits, short cut losses, and Healing food choices for their multiple beneficial healing properties. A Rejuvenating culinary experience specifically for their own unique nutritional needs. We prepare and feature high nutrient healing meals during our guests’ stays at our holistic drug rehab facility, backing it with the evidence/based facts that support these choices and their positive effect on reducing cravings and mood swings, especially in the beginning process of your Recovery.

• Physical Fitness.
At JOURNEY MALIBU’s California drug and alcohol rehab, we know that regular exercise, like good nutrition, is a positive action that can bring positive results to the physical level Most any form of exercise can deliver benefits right away. Some clients may choose a lightweight training (strong bones) and cardio machine (heart pumping), or one might choose a daily fast pace walk in the canyon or daily yoga practice. Whatever works best for you. We have found that exercise can play a key role in holistic drug rehab as it reinforces our clients’ commitments to their own well-being, while also providing self-discipline. Commitment and self-discipline, of course, are two factors that have a direct impact on the success of the recovery process for long-lasting stable sobriety.

Holistic Addiction Rehab for a recovered soul and spirit

Life seems glorious for a while, then it seems poisonous. But you must never lose faith in it, it really is glorious after all. Only you must not search for this glory, except in yourself, in the secret places of your spirit and in all your hidden senses.


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