Alcohol Rehab Center

An Alcohol Rehab Center Designed For You

malibu_drug_rehab_040711eWhat are the distinguishing features of Journey Malibu’s RETREATment Center?

• A safe, nurturing environment where your needs will be thoroughly tended to.
• Treatment that addresses substance use, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring disorders through education about the neurobiology of addiction, guided introspection, and as many of our therapeutic modalities as necessary to ensure sustained Recovery.
• Our commitment to your whole recovery – of mind, body, and spirit.
• An exceptionally experienced and successful staff that will administer a program custom-tailored to meet your unique needs.
• Our gentle, nurturing, staff supervised detox.
If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re looking for a safe, confidential alcohol rehab center where you or a loved one can receive care and attention for the behavior that may very well be tearing a hole through the middle of your family. Well, rest assured, you’ve landed on the right website. This confidence is based not on false bravado, but on the shared experience and compassion we have brought to developing our rehab center. We understand what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves; and we know what you’re looking for because we needed the same thing – a warm, peaceful, healing environment in which you can begin to recover, and heal your life.

We get it. We’ve been there too. We were struggling once ourselves, trying to change our destructive patterns, intimately aware of the pain and sorrows that can accompany addiction, whether it is substance, behavioral, or co-occurring.

That’s one more reason we’re able to provide the kind of hands-on, compassionate care you’ll receive at Journey Malibu’s alcohol rehab center. We know the rewards that come with letting go of our old, destructive path and beginning a new life of long-term sobriety.

Before we tell you about our program, it’s a good idea to know first of all what exactly alcohol rehabilitation is: “a treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol intended to rid the body of the addictive substances and the physiological and mental readjustment that accompanies the process.” This definition refers to the physical withdrawal symptoms of alcohol abuse, as well as the mental components of the disease, which include the emotional, psychological, and spiritual symptoms that so often accompany alcoholism and addiction. A rehab center is, therefore, the place where an individual can receive the treatment referred to above.

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we address the full range of our guests’ needs. If warranted, detox will be administered — a sensitive, thorough detox to help rid the body of the toxins that have been poisoning your system for too long. So begins the profound journey of recovery our guests will embark upon at our safe, confidential alcohol rehab center.

A Wide-Ranging Program To Address A Wide Range Of Issues

malibu_drug_rehab_040711fThe key to our success at the JOURNEY MALIBU center can be found in the fact that, unlike others, our treatment program addresses the full range of the issues our guests are facing.

We know that there is a possibility that some of our clients may have suffered some significant trauma in their lives that, in turn, has created a host of triggers and defenses in their psychological makeups. If untreated, these triggers will simply continue to lead the individual down the same road that ultimately led them to seek help in the first place. Our goal is to work with you beyond your addictions as we rebuild your capacity to tolerate, negotiate, and move through situations that may have adversely affected you in the past. Because we know that no two guests are alike, no one treatment program or “cure” will adequately address their needs. That’s why we draw from a wide list of therapies in composing a custom-tailored treatment program for each one of our unique guests. Our hope is that if we do our job properly, providing each guest with a comprehensive, carefully designed program of recovery, ours will be the last alcohol rehab program they ever have to attend.

We realize that any rehab center that merely provides a temporary escape from alcoholism will have little chance of offering lasting recovery for their clients. Because cravings and relapse are distinct possibilities after release from treatment, JOURNEY MALIBU seeks to provide all our guests with the tools they’ll need to effectively address those cravings when they arise. Our guests will leave us with an arsenal of tools with which they will be able to handle future cravings and thus prevent potential relapses.

Let Our Family Help Heal Yours’

Because alcoholism is a family disease, JOURNEY MALIBU is also here to help those individuals whose lives have been affected by their loved ones suffering.

We’ve seen first hand how substance use disorders can put a strain on every relationship touched by the affected individuals. We recognize this fact and, consequently, prominently feature groups and classes in our treatment program specifically designed to help heal damaged relationships.

Families and loved ones of the suffering individual will be able to learn more about alcoholism from our highly trained JOURNEY MALIBU staff, who will share their expertise on how to co-exist with loved ones after they have completed the program at our alcohol rehab center. Everyone will be taught how to remain accountable. Just as those working to overcome their addictions are responsible for their own continued recovery after treatment, so too must family members be held responsible for putting an end to enabling behaviors. In this way, the JOURNEY MALIBU therapists and counselors will teach every member of the family how to restore a healthy dynamic in the wake of treatment.

JOURNEY MALIBU is a private pay facility, but our professional insurance advocates will be available to assist our clients in obtaining reimbursement for covered benefits under their existing insurance policies.

If you’re serious about your recovery and are seeking an alcohol rehab center that cares about everyone affected by an individual’s substance use issues, please make JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.

Please call us today at (888) 717-5643 and find out if we are the right treatment center for you. If we’re not, we promise to help you find the one that is. All calls are strictly confidential.