Custom Tailored Drug Treatment Program

– Custom-Tailored Drug Treatment Designed For You –

What sets JOURNEY MALIBU’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center apart?

Many things, actually. We have an internationally-renowned team of drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialists on staff and standing by — ready, willing, and able to administer the best care one could hope for at a California Drug Rehab. We provide an elegant, exclusive residential facility where our guests can pursue their recovery in a safe, secure, holistic environment that is literally second-to-none. But more than anything, JOURNEY MALIBU’s Drugs, Substance Abuse, and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center offers a custom-tailored drug, substance abuse, and alcohol treatment program that will enable our clients to find just the right path to recovery they need.

We find that a single-minded focus on any one particular treatment program is one of the leading reasons many addicts and alcoholics fail to sustain their sobriety for any significant period of time.

Many Drug, Substance Abuse, and Alcohol Rehab Centers insist on a strict adherence to a single methodology; it becomes their brand, and as such, they are beholden to it, often at the expense of their clients’ best interests. For this reason, we at JOURNEY MALIBU have chosen a much different approach, one that avoids focusing simply on any one aspect of recovery, or overtly strict loyalty to a single approach to the complex and individualistic affliction of drug and alcohol addiction.

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– Custom-Tailoring The Best Program Possible –

At JOURNEY MALIBU we’ve assembled a group of nationally renowned therapists to take the best of every program out there in order to deliver the best core treatment aspects of them all.

Custom Tailored Drug Treatment Program | Journey MalibuThe result is, the Drug, Substance Abuse, and Alcohol Rehab Center at JOURNEY MALIBU is able to offer the “best of the best” recovery programs in the world, and the expertise necessary to construct a custom-tailored, individualized program that has the absolute greatest potential of working for our client. Think of the care you will receive at JOURNEY MALIBU as a one-stop treatment program, a fluid program which will evolve with your needs, and progress along with your recovery.

The Substance Abuse, Drugs, and Alcohol Custom-Tailored Program at JOURNEY MALIBU includes weekly evaluations of each individual client by our trained staff.

Based on these evaluations, they can then suggests change in the treatment program being provided, so that only the best, most effective therapies which resonate with the particular client will be utilized as he (and we) move forward with their treatment. You will also find each of the clients at JOURNEY MALIBU’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center working closely on a daily basis with their case manager, their primary therapists, and the support of numerous very specialized professionals delivering world-class therapeutic sessions across a wide variety of beneficial modalities.

We know that what works for you may not work for someone else.

In other words, we don’t see you as the sheep, nor us as the shepherds. That is another reason we maintain an extremely low client-to-staff ratio, because it allows us even more opportunity to custom-tailor our treatment programs to suit the particular needs of each and every one of our clients. You won’t fall between the cracks at JOURNEY MALIBU; because, as you will see, there are no cracks to fall between.

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– Journey Malibu: A Custom-Tailored Cut Above –

JOURNEY MALIBU is a private, exclusive, California Drug Rehab and residential facility offering a variety of treatment programs (many of them custom-tailored) in an effort to meet the needs of ALL our clients. Even if those needs are distinct and individual. Check that. Especially if those needs are distinct and individual, because we know that the most effective treatment methods are the ones that are custom-tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs.

We offer our clients custom-tailored treatment, drawing from a wide range of programs and modalities, including but not limited to:

• Individual Therapy
• Group Therapy

• Somatic Experiencing
• Holistic therapy
• Acupuncture
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Exercise programs
• Nutritional guidance
• Systemic Family Therapy
• Ecopsychology
• Adventure Therapy
• Neurofeedback
• 12 step meetings and solutions

If you’re serious about your recovery, and seeking the best Custom-Tailored Drug Treatment available today, make Journey Malibu your destination.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…” – Old Taoist Saying

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