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Extended Alcohol and Drug Inpatient Care From Journey Malibu

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At Journey Malibu, we’re here for you… as long as it takes… in many ways …inside AND outside

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JOURNEY MALIBU offers Extended Inpatient Care to our guests who choose to extend their residential treatment beyond their initial Primary Treatment Program. Our extended inpatient care program has been created so that newly sober individuals will be able to thrive in the recovery community of Malibu while still living in the structured residential drug rehab center. Our residential drug rehab center is the preferred destination for men and women who have completed the first phase of their primary treatment and are ready to continue their care in a structured “real world” environment.

Addictions, whether they are substance or behavioral in nature, are conditions that generally develop over a long period of time. For this reason, recovery from any type of addiction can often require a lengthy period of caring treatment and support. In addition, we are also aware that the many dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, which often accompany substance use disorders, can sometimes complicate and prolong the recovery process.

Journey Malibu extended impatient care for substance abuseOur compassionate, highly-credentialed staff at Journey Malibu are committed to making sure your “graduation plan” is completed, and your “toolbox” fully loaded, as you prepare to integrate back into the real world. Aftercare means just that, after you leave our residential drug rehab center, and where the next step you take in your sustained stable recovery leads, we will continue to support, remind, and guide you. Help will always be at hand.

We at JOURNEY MALIBU know that an aftercare plan is essential for each individual to transition back into society – and keep the past where it belongs, while helping to avoid a relapse into old behaviors — when they participate in our long-term, extended inpatient care program.

Recovering individuals in our extended inpatient care rehab program will be able to integrate back into society with the appropriate amount of supervision and support they will need to facilitate long-term sobriety. At the JOURNEY MALIBU residential drug rehab center, we recognize that each of our clients is unique. You and your team of practitioners of clinical based /alternative professionals have been building a bond, and developing an extensive understanding of your aftercare needs. Together in a partnership, we will co-create an appropriate, individualized, extended care plan for your continued personal growth and stable Recovery.

JOURNEY MALIBU’s Extended Inpatient Care alcohol and drug treatmnet program offers our clients a way to expand on the focused treatment found during the initial phase of their Primary Treatment, all provided, of course, to help ensure they achieve a complete and balanced recovery.

residential alcohol and drub rehab malibu extendedi impatient care So if you’re serious about your recovery, and are looking for a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that offers safe, effective extended inpatient care, consider making JOURNEY MALIBU your destination.

To learn more about the Journey Malibu residential drug rehab center, call us today at (888) 717-5643. We want to make sure our RETREATment facility is the best fit for you. If not, we promise to help you find the help you need.