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Journey Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Rehabilitation Center

Your stay with us will begin, if necessary, with our safe, gentle, staff-supervised detox, which will get you started comfortably on your path to recovery.

The foundation of the JOURNEY MALIBU staff is our closely-knit team of recovery practitioners and planners, all of whom bring high levels of commitment and compassion to their jobs. Not only do we offer a wealth of experience and credentials, many are actively involved in our own successful journeys of recovery from addiction. We don’t just preach holistic health and harmony; we embrace these virtues ourselves. We know from personal experience how valuable communication and transparency is to the recovery process.

Our own healing infuses everything we do, which in turn fosters a culture of recovery that allows our guests an even greater sense of connection and belonging.
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Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Your Path to Recovery

The alcohol recovery and drug treatment we provide at JOURNEY MALIBU incorporates and synthesizers elements from the best modalities in the world, and is then custom-tailored for each of our guests.

Now that you’ve landed on our website, you’re probably wondering: What makes JOURNEY MALIBU different? Why should I trust you? What kind of quantifiable success have you had healing addicts and alcoholics? Are you really going to be able to help me get up off the ground? These are the same questions we asked ourselves when we reached our moment of desperation. JOURNEY MALIBU exists today because we weren’t happy with the answers we found during our darkest days. In fact, it was our quest to provide better answers to those questions that led directly to the creation of JOURNEY MALIBU.

The Journey Malibu staff is a resourceful team of healers and therapists who’ve come together because of a common commitment to share our unique blend of effectively integrated clinical based and alternative therapies.

Our successful drug abuse recovery and alcohol rehabilitation approach is based upon a rigorously applied clinical based model, which treats addiction as the “primary chronic relapsing disease” that it is. We employ a unique scientific approach to the neuro-physiology of the diseases of alcoholism and addiction. This is also consistent with the most efficacious treatment of co-occurring disorders associated with substance abuse. At Journey Malibu, we offer a core set of values and beliefs that we know separates our brand of recovery from the rest of the alcoholic and addiction care being offered today.

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Our Beliefs

  • We believe… that the most effective treatment program does not adhere to any one, static template of recovery, but is instead organic enough to evolve with the vital needs of the individual. We are NOT looking to prove some pre-existing hypothesis about recovery; our clients’ needs, as well as their input, will dictate the treatment they will receive.
  • We believe… that a smaller, more intimate home environment is more conducive to long-term recovery than a bustling, multi-bed facility where an individual can often feel overwhelmed by the emphasis placed on feeling better, quickly.
  • At JOURNEY MALIBU, we know the value of the group dynamic in addiction care, so we balance it with our focused one-on-one care. We know that creating change, especially epic change of this nature, demands great courage and willingness to learn from others. We also know that this kind of breakthrough can be accompanied by extreme discomfort. For this reason, we believe an open atmosphere within a home environment, with only a handful of guests, is a more comforting and healing environment.
  • We believe… that holistic treatment means more than simply offering yoga and acupuncture to our guests; it means true, long-lasting recovery is made possible only when attention is paid to the needs and well-being of the WHOLE individual. Because so many of our staff have backgrounds in holistic, alternative healing modalities, we take very seriously this commitment to integrate our guests’ minds, bodies, and souls. To us, holistic care is at the very core of all of our treatments – from our Arts and Adventure Therapies to the gourmet, gluten-free, low glucose diets we provide, specifically designed to address the nutritional imbalance that plagues so many addicts and alcoholics.

This transformation can come about only with the determination to participate openly in our own treatment. And we believe… most of all, that we can support you through this process.

Speak confidentially with a counselor at (888) 717-5643.

About Our Program

Clearly, at JOURNEY MALIBU, we don’t adhere to a single, “one-size-fits-all” methodology.

Our commitment to the long-term health and well being of our guests means more to us than developing a static template of recovery. We provide services one would normally have to visit several different centers to find.

We offer core attributes from the most effective recovery programs available.

At Journey Malibu’s HOLISTIC Drug Rehab, we engage our guests’ bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits to produce extraordinary health and awakening. For those high profile guests with security concerns, we offer a CONFIDENTIAL Drug Rehab where they can pursue sobriety in safety and seclusion. Even in the swanky hills of Malibu, the EXCLUSIVE Drug Rehab at JOURNEY MALIBU is a cut above the rest, featuring concierge services that tend to our guests’ every need. Our EXECUTIVE Drug Rehab is designed for those clients who desperately crave relief from the high-stress, pressurized environments of their professional lives, while also providing them the opportunity to maintain some contact with their offices if necessary. From the many amenities in our opulent home to our privileges on one of Malibu’s most exclusive private beaches, we offer a LUXURY Drug Rehab that is truly second to none. And if our guests need their treatment provided far from the prying eyes of a nosy and inquisitive public, then they need look no further than the PRIVATE Drug Rehab at JOURNEY MALIBU.

All of these different modes of recovery exist under one roof here at Journey Malibu and are facilitated by staff constantly monitoring the progress of our guests, to ensure that their treatment program evolves along with them.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…”
Old Taoist Saying

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