Addiction: Family Members Are Fighting Too

Addiction: Family Members Are Fighting Too

When addiction takes hold of someone, it is not such a personal thing. The families of those addicted to drugs or alcohol suffer greatly. They too need support when an addict is receiving treatment.

Families are often torn between enabling a loved one and watching him or her struggle to survive on their own in the midst of addiction. This can turn into a vicious cycle for both the family and the user. Without both parties seeking help, it can be extremely difficult to end the dependencies present. Sometimes family members choose to separate themselves altogether from the addict, which can cause a painful strain in the relationship and often resentment from the user. Any and all of these patterns can seem impossible to break, and sometimes they are without help.

Journey Malibu offers treatment for families battling the issue of addiction alongside their loved ones. This allows all parties to understand the impact of addiction on the family unit as a whole. Licensed family therapists are on site to reopen communication in a healthier way, and to teach families how to appreciate and respect each other once again. This reconciliation is absolutely crucial to the addict’s recovery because family support is so important during this time. Family therapy includes private sessions with immediate or extended family, group sessions with other families dealing with similar struggles, and individualized care.

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